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The Talbar Tool & Die quality process starts at receipt of customer Purchase Order. No job is put in the system until Revision on P.O. matches that on the drawing. From there, an internal shop order number is assigned to a router containing the manufacturing processes that the job must go through. That is attached to the customer drawing and released to the floor. Every operation from receipt of raw material, through any applicable outside processes and manufacturing processes must be signed and dated at time of completion before job is permitted to proceed. That signifies that operations were completed in accordance with print specifications. Operators are responsible for in process inspection but all new jobs must go through First Article inspection procedures. All gauges have an internal number assigned to them and are recorded on a master schedule to ensure calibrated gauges are kept up to date.

Every job – whether it is repeat or new – gets a complete inspection after completion and every customer is supplied an inspection report with shipment of product.

Over 50 years of experience in tooling, fixturing, die work, automation and electronic assembly.